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Young People: Who Said You Have To Be Wealthy To Invest?

Young People: Who Said You Have To Be Wealthy To Invest?  Young adults have weathered difficult times the past two decades: mass school shootings, extreme weather conditions, student loan debt and a global pandemic. But now they’re witnessing an unprecedented job market, where even those with little to no work experience can dictate their own terms.…
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What is Downtime?

What is Downtime? In the business of financial planning, you get the privilege to meet a lot of amazing people, whether it be employees in your own office or fellow professionals. But the most amazing people we come across in our line of work are more often than not our very own clients – and the…
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Downtime: What a Fun-Gi!

What a Fun-Gi! Our client George is a simple man who does honest work. Truthfully, maintaining a farm is as honest work as it gets, not quite for the faint of heart. And yet, George has been farming since he was very young. “Younger than I should’ve been,” George laughed. This would be the case…
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Downtime: Free As A Bird

Free as a Bird The stress and pressures from the world today have left so many looking for an escape from reality–no matter how brief or small. This such case can be gleefully applied to one of our longest clients, Denny, who finds his escape from reality in the comfort of his own basement where…
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Downtime: Wanda The Wonderful

Wanda The Wonderful This past year, our dear client and friend, Wanda, was recently nominated for the “Hometown Hero” award for her Comfort of Hope program. This program provides birthday gifts for current and former foster youth across the area. Thank you again, Wanda, for all you do for the community and children that you…
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Downtime: Never Stop Moving

Never Stop Moving Do you recall ever hearing the story of the fountain of youth? Surely you have heard of the fountain itself, as it is an embodiment of what everyone wishes for: everlasting youth. But, maybe, explorer Juan Ponce de Leone’s time spent pursuing a mythical youth spring in Florida would have been better…
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