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Budgeting & Saving 101: How to Create a Budget

by Christopher E. Mediate As we so often hear, the best things in life aren’t free. But we really want them to be, don’t we? In a time where visibly looking the part is seemingly more important than actually BEING…

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Taxes After Retirement

by Christopher E. Mediate When you retire, your regular paycheck stops, but unfortunately, your tax obligations do not. And that really stinks – after all, you already ran the race! You played the game, what more do they want? Well,…

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Why Financial Literacy is Your Best Investment

by Christopher E. Mediate Investing in your financial literacy is the best investment you will ever make. Read that again, but slower. For some of you, that might be a tough pill to swallow. After all, learning about money, how…

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Investment Ideas for Seniors in 2023

by Christopher E. Mediate From 2020 to now, the stock market has been as unpredictable as it’s ever been. Market corrections, tight interest rates, inflation, global unrest, and much, much more. All of which have had their fair share of…

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How the Bank Run Has Affected Pensions

by Christopher E. Mediate The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank due to last weekend’s bank run has sent a ripple across the American banking system, and one of the notable pressure-points it’s hit have been pension funds. The closure of…

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How to Choose a Financial Advisor & What You Should Ask

by Christopher E. Mediate Did you know that more than two-thirds of near-retirees haven’t met with a financial professional? No, really! When you put into context the past few years of economic uncertainty, I find that statistic particularly alarming. Per…

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