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Single Finances

Single Finances Pew Research Center reported that in 2019, about 38% of adults ages 25 to 34 in the U.S. were not married or living with a partner, up from 29% in 1990.1 While marriage and even long-term relationships are…

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Savings Strategies

Some people have no trouble saving money — they stash away any cash they don’t need, and their account grows and grows. These people usually aren’t very materialistic and don’t have a lot of goals that require money to fulfill….

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How to Evaluate a Stock

How to Evaluate a Stock   There are moments in history when people have claimed investment choices don’t matter because if the market is up across the board, you cannot fail. That is not true. In fact, that should never…

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Status Update: Young Adults in America

Status Update: Young Adults in America   Over the past 20 years, America’s young adults have experienced significant unemployment, massive student debt, extreme weather events, a global pandemic, a contentious political environment and dramatic socio-economic turmoil. Not that these things…

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Young People: Who Said You Have To Be Wealthy To Invest?

Young People: Who Said You Have To Be Wealthy To Invest?  Young adults have weathered difficult times the past two decades: mass school shootings, extreme weather conditions, student loan debt and a global pandemic. But now they’re witnessing an unprecedented job…

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What is Downtime?

What is Downtime? In the business of financial planning, you get the privilege to meet a lot of amazing people, whether it be employees in your own office or fellow professionals. But the most amazing people we come across in our…

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