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Our Foundation

Fresh out of college, Chris Mediate went to work for a big-box financial organization. It wasn't long before he realized his approach to financial planning didn't fit with the company's desired methodology. He decided to form his own firm where he could provide more personalized services to better help clients according to his own financial philosophies and wealth-building practices.

Chris and his wife, Leslie, a former teacher, built Mediate Financial from the ground up on the principle that no two retirement journeys are alike. In the 25-plus years since, that truth has served as the North Star of the firm, guiding in the creation of personalized plans that have helped hundreds of families across the Rust Belt achieve their retirement dreams.

No matter where you've been or where you'd like your post-workforce years to take you, you deserve a financial advisor who will take the time to understand your unique circumstances and ambitions.

Our pillars



Whether you've been with Mediate Financial for 10 years, 10 months or 10 minutes, you can expect the same client-first approach to retirement planning. Beyond being a trusted advisor, we strive to serve as teachers, therapists and friends helping you navigate life's ups and downs.


We believe businesses have a duty to give back to their communities. We place the utmost importance on our charitable endeavors, which include financial literacy efforts and partnerships with local food banks and children's organizations. Learn more about our efforts in the community.


Walking into a financial office can be intimidating, but we've worked hard to make it feel like a homecoming. Our family-owned, multigenerational firm gets to know you and your situation on an intimate level and will work as tirelessly for you as we would our own kin.


When it comes to your finances, knowledge is empowerment. From frequent "Food for Thought" events to financial literacy seminars for area high schoolers to coaching sessions inside our office's dedicated Education Room, we're always eager to leverage our expertise in exciting ways.
Up your retirement know-how today.


Whenever a market correction or any other dire financial news strikes, you shouldn't have to call your financial advisor — they should be reaching out to you. Constant contact, in both good times and bad, is key to ensuring the road you're taking to retirement is the right one for you.

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