Downtime: Never Stop Moving

Never Stop Moving

Do you recall ever hearing the story of the fountain of youth? Surely you have heard of the fountain itself, as it is an embodiment of what everyone wishes for: everlasting youth. But, maybe, explorer Juan Ponce de Leone’s time spent pursuing a mythical youth spring in Florida would have been better spent following the advice of our very good friend and client, Sue, on staying young and capable. In fact, you don’t even have to be a famous explorer to follow it. It just takes some commitment.

Sue has been in the wellness field for forty years. She began her career as a nurse but shifted away as she began having her children. She always took a proactive preventative approach to her health. She became a certified trainer of fitness and worked in several health clubs in the area. When Sue started at Copland Oaks in 2010, she began working with the senior population. She recently retired in 2020.

“This was my most rewarding employment, it was awesome!” said Sue. In her position at Copland Oaks, she educated her clients by concentrating on movement and exercise to help prevent diseases that come along with aging such as osteoporosis, hypertension, and diabetes. Some of the advice goes as follows below.

According to Sue, strength training is great for osteoporosis; cardio improves the resting heartrate and exercise could decrease or even eliminate the need for medication for diabetics. “It’s not that they can’t move, it’s that they spend too much time sitting and stop moving,” says Sue.

Primarily, she taught the importance of challenging body and mind. This is a motto she practices daily in her own retirement.

Additionally, moving and exercise can prevent falls. There are many strengthening moves and cardio exercises that can be done for this. Some simple exercise a person can do daily is squeezing a stress ball, circling wrists and also ankles. But one of the best options for aging exercise is walking. This is a good way to get cardio in and help build bone density. Sue says to find something you enjoy, do it, and just keep moving.


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